In these trying economic times, people are often trying to get the most they can out of every dollar they spend. This is true for home renovation projects as well. And when it comes to making every dollar count, there are certain things you can and cannot do when making changes to your home. Along with having a reputable general contractor on hand, common sense and practicality can go a long way when making improvements to your home.


Refinish Instead of Replacing

Whether you are considering kitchen remodeling or making changes to your living room, consider having your general contractor refinish or refurbish what you already have instead of replacing them altogether. This can be applied to anything from cupboards to book shelves. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint or a good stained natural finish can make old furnishings look good as new. In my home town of NYC, general contractors have made a living out of turning fifty to a hundred year old apartment units into gems.

Make Small Changes that Count

While it may be tempting to opt for large renovation projects, you may be surprised by how small changes in your home can drastically affect its general look and feel. Along with other simple changes that your general contractor can finish in less than a week, consider making small and cheap changes to your home. This can include anything from replacing old faucets with newer models, adding new cabinetry hardware such as drawer pulls or replacing old and dated lighting fixtures with new ones. Adding a kitchen island with some nice bar seats can turn any boring kitchen into a modern masterpiece. I Have personally seen how kitchen island's with hanging lighting made apartments in Manhattan jump in value.


Avoid Tearing Things Down

For many projects that involve improving a home, tear downs can really pack a punch when it comes to cost. If you want to make changes to a certain room, avoid tearing things down. Instead learn to work with what you already have. If you need more space in your living room, do you really have to tear down a wall or two? Sometimes, simply replacing your furniture with less bulky pieces can free up a lot of space. To add the illusion of space in a tight room, you should also consider getting a new paint job or adding more light. Ask your general contractor about other methods of making a room look and feel larger.

Avoid using Expensive Materials

If you are considering using a lot of marble in your bathroom, then you may need to think twice. Materials such as this are very expensive and you can easily get the same look using cheaper materials such as ceramic tiles or even vinyl. This concept can also be used for the rest of your home. Do you really need real chrome faucets or a stone counter-top in your kitchen? Make smarter and more economic choices to make the most out of your spending budget.

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