When we hear that birds are starting to chirp and we begin to see the ice starting to melt we know winter is coming to an end. It's always great to see bye to the winter and bring on the great weather but many important things must be taken into consideration when these seasons change places. That important thing is none other than the exterior of your home. Making sure you enter the spring with a healthy roof will make or break the functionality of your home. Proper maintenance and upkeep after the winter is an absolute must for all homeowners and business owners alike. So what should you look out for?

Ice Damming:

Once of the most difficult issues that comes about from winter is known as Ice Damming. This is a process in which snow and ice accumulate and stick to different parts of your roofing. As the ice and snow start to melt they slowly permeate through the membranes of the roof and water slowly seeps into the home. Nowadays we have membranes that use cutting edge technology and can even keep your home dry from Ice Damming. The reality is that most roofing systems use old membranes that are vulnerable to roof leaks. In short, if you had a roof leak that resulted from winter snow and ice buildups you must invest is these more expensive membranes.

Gutter Cleaning:

Clean gutters means you will have a healthy exchange of water and debris within your roofing system.Winter can bring a lot of debris into your home exterior system so make sure to have your gutters cleaned before the spring starts. Clean gutters will greatly increase your chance of having a healthy roof that does not leak or breakdown.

In conclusion, a roof like a child cannot take care of itself. Keep everything we discussed in this article in mind and make sure to only deal with reputable and licensed roofing contractors in your local area. We advise you to do also do a contractor license lookup on the states official website before inviting them into your home.

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