Most homes are nowhere near as secure as their owner’s think they are. The best way to secure your home is to find all of its weakest points. Try this experiment. Have a friend or family member lock everything that can be locked and try to see if you can find any point of entry. If an amateur can break into your home rest assure a professional burglar can enter your home with ease. If you find a security vulnerability call a locksmith or a door and lock contractor right away. In this article, we will help you find areas in your home which may need to be more secured. Here’s a short list of common vulnerable points in the average home.
  • Windows with no locks

Basement windows are especially at risk for entry as they are usually the least defended of all windows. Put locks in all your windows and make sure all your windows are easily accessed without the use of a ladder.

  • Front or back doors relying solely on knob locks

Many homes in America rely solely on knob locks. These are easily broken off in a matter of seconds. As an extra security measure, install your doors so that they swing outwards rather than inwards. This makes it better equipped to deal with people kicking them in. If any door in your home, even a back or side door relies solely on door knobs you may want to stop reading this article and call a local door & lock service right away.

Also, make sure to that the hinges of the door cannot be tampered with should they be located outside of the door. There are security products you can install to insure that your door will never be kicked open.

Take note: if you live in an area that receives heavy snowfall, doors opening outward may become a hindrance.

  • Weak door jambs and frames

In several instances, the locks on doors remain intact but the door itself is vulnerable. Most criminals prefer quick entries and escapes and brute force entries are the usual methods of breaking in.

  • Lack of peephole

The strongest and most durable lock in the world is useless if you have to open the door to see who is on the other side. Install a peep hole and make sure there is a cover on your end to prevent people outside looking in.

Now here is a short list of common security solutions to keep your home safe from any intruders:

  • Get a good door

Your main doors that serve as a point of entry to your home should be solid. Good strong doors are usually made of solid wood, fiberglass, metal, etc. A strong door is useless if sits on a weak frame. Take extra measure to replace any weak frame to ensure safety.

This article has been contributed by Bobby Rose- A writer for Safe Home Door & Lock NYC – A premier locksmith that services NYC 24 hours a day. If your apartment has any vulnerabilities from loose locks, old key cylinders, or windows with no locks you should come learn about our 24 hr NYC locks services today. Contact at: Safe Home Door & Lock 137-42 70th Rd Flushing NY 11367 (718) 747-2222