Regardless of the kind of construction project that you are undertaking you will need the services of a General Contractor in a big city like NYC. This will be the person in charge of implementation and execution of whatever building project you have undertaken. The choice of the general building contractor is therefore crucial to the overall success of the construction project. Additionally, the general contractor or building company you select also determines the final cost of the project so you need to choose very carefully. Here is how you should go about the process in order to get the best results.

The best place to start the process of looking for a general contractor in areas like Manhattan or NYC is with friends and family. The construction business can be challenging to navigate for a first timer so you would do well with the recommendations from people you can trust. The information that they can provide from firsthand experience will always be more valuable than anything you can garner from elsewhere. Hopefully they will be able to recommend a few good general contractors. Add this to your list of potential candidates and do some of your own research through the internet.

Once you have built a list of the best possible general contractor NYC service providers you need to pre-qualify them. Get basic information about their companies. They need to have workman’s compensation, be insured against property damage, and have a valid practicing license. These factors must be met not just for the success of the process but also to ensure that you are protected in the eyes of the law. You must remember that if you have any problems with the general contractor you have hired you will be forced to turn to the licensing board and the insurance companies to get any solutions. If the contractor lacks any of the above disqualify them immediately.

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Lastly, get the general contractor NYC firms you have selected to provide you with written bids. These should outline in a clear and easy to understand manner the work that they will do, the cost of the work and the materials, and very importantly a timeline of execution and completion. These bids should then be evaluated as per your needs to show which firm you should go with. Make sure that they cover the costs of any subcontractors and warranty work in their estimate. Take care to steer off the urge to hire the lowest bidder, they may undercut their bid in order to seal the contract and then inflate their expenditure as the project is executed.

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