Many homeowners who are considering adding an extra space for recreation or relaxation in their homes often try to pick between a patio and a deck. While having a patio is a good investment, decks have a number of advantages that make them more popular for certain types of homeowners. Regardless of your choice, any experienced NYC general contractor will be able to build you a deck, a patio, or even both if have the space as well as the budget allows it. Here are a few advantages that decks have over patios.


Patios will always need to be on ground level. There is simply no way around this. Decks, on the other hand can be at ground level too but unlike patios, you can also build a deck in an elevated space. You can place it on any flat surface in your home like on top of your garage. In fact, you can also build a deck on the roof of your house if the design of your home permits it. If you are unsure how to go about this, you can consult with a NYC general contractor regarding the best place to build your deck.


Aside from the fact the decks can be built almost anywhere in your home, decks can also be built on irregular terrain. While building a patio on a sloped surface might be problematic for your NYC general contractor, you can build a deck regardless of the terrain as long as you prop it up on concrete supports.


In addition to this, patios often require excavation which can be a costly and time consuming affair. Decks, on the other hand, can be built without the need to dig up anything. And since they can be built at higher elevations, a deck can also serve as a viewing deck if your home happens to have a nice view. These are just a few of the reasons why many people choose decks over patios, terraces, or porches.


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