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Premier NYC General Contractor & Home Builder in Manhattan

To be the premier General contracting company in NYC is what we are all about. We are all about saving our customers money while providing the highest grade contractor warranties and using the grade A building materials. Our neighbors in Manhattan will tell you that we are a contractors "favorite contractor". The reasons for this is that we keep many aspects of our construction in house. For example, plumbing and electrical aspects of the general contractor work is kept in house in order to keep costs down and provide you with better value. Other general contractors and construction companies look for building companies that keep much of the work in house when they sub contract, otherwise they won't save money. Meaning, if the general contractor sub contracts work to another general contractor who also subs out all his work, this will result in a  chain of "subbing" out work and nobody wins. In conclusion, the buck stops here! GC NYC general contractors are here to help you build the project of your dreams. From remodeling, to concrete, exterior or interior GC- NYC has got you covered. We do every single type of home improvement work no matter what. Our operators are standing by at almost any hour of the day to help consult you about your next home improvement project. We are also experts in working with real estate management companies in servicing multiple apartment units of a yearly contract. We have year of experience dealing with apartment rehabs. We have a lot of experience handling large commercial building projects as well. We have built many steel and other commercial structures all over Manhattan and NYC. Visit or call GC NYC- General contractors today at 350 E 54th St, NY, NY 10022 (917) 972-4435

Sandy Strikes NY Real Estate- General Contractors To The Rescue

In the aftermath and devastation that hurricane sandy caused residential homes and commercial establishments in NYC, General contractors have been keeping really busy. The Real Estate industry was in dire need of help. Helping to rebuild Manhattan and NYC is very important to us. We are NYC residents like everyone else. I personally lived in the southern sections of the borough of Queens and many friends and family were greatly effected by the storm. GC- NYC General Contractor would like to offer a discount to any clients who are doing any type of work that is a result of the storm damage. Whether your roof was wrecked, or you need to remodel your home, or you need any type of home improvement or contracting work, GC- NYC General Contractors are here to help. For more information about NY related hurricane sandy issues visit http://www.fema.gov/disaster/4085. We are based on the east side of Manhattan and our staff member live in areas like Flushing, Queens and Valley Stream Long Island. Wherever you are located in NYC, we can help. We have a great deal of experience handling all insurance related issues with Fema in terms of using government aid and insurance money to build your new home or fix your battered home. Call one of our specialists today for a free consultation and a free estimate. We have been networking with the top general contractors nationwide in an effort to provide hurricane sandy victims the best services possible. Suffolk county is a coastal region that was struck hard by Sandy. After the aftermath we were responsible for some of the most successful roofing restoration in Suffolk County. We used state of the art roofing membranes to repair home exteriors that homeowners were sure was totaled.

 Roofing Contractors from Manhattan to Queens

GC- NYC is a leader when it comes to the roofing industry in NY. Flushing is the home of the famous world fair and it is also where GC- NYC was born. We were born and raised next to Flushing Meadows park and starting doing roofing in Queens at a very early age. We worked hard and hard for many years to grow in our expertise of the home improvement industry. We put together a hard working team of individuals who all had common goals in mind. We wanted to build ourselves to the point where we can sincerely be called expert roofers. Queens has very funky weather conditions and this really allowed us to excel in our roofing education. Due to the snowy winters and humid summers there is a lot of gutter cleaning and maintenance that my be performed in which timing is of the absolute essence. This trained us to repair and install gutters throughout many different weather conditions. A roofing issue called Ice damming is also very prevalent in this area. Any serious contractors must be very skilled in treating ice damming conditions if he wants to survive in the big apple. Ice damming is basically when your gutter clogs up with ice and then the ice overflows onto your roof where it can melt and leak into your home. The leaking can penetrate the exterior wall of your home and cause major damage. As you can see, winter gutter & roofing issues are extremely common in the NY area. This is exactly why we always try to educate homeowners on the need maintain their gutters and roofing systems properly. Proper maintenance in the NY area can literally save you thousands of dollars when the bad weather hits. Up-keep of a home's exterior is the secret to it's longevity. As the years went on we were able to attain many milestones in the industry. Through hard work and perseverance we became Royal GAF Master Elite roofers. The exceptional part about being a GAF roofing is to have the GAF name behind you. GAF requires contractors to offer warranties that are unheard of in the industry. GAF comes to the job site after the work is completed to inspect the job and only approved it if it is up to their roofing standards. Only 2-3 percent of United States of America contractor are considered Master Elite Contractors. This title can really separate a contractor from the rest of the pact as it really build trusts and has the backing a big household name. We all know that any successful contracting requires a lot of trust. At the end of the day any service company has to be extremely skilled at what they do. As we began, it all started in Flushing which is where we were born and raised. After years of developing our abilities and interacting with homeowners on a very professional level we were able to become the roofing kings of Queens.

Mission Statement:

GC NYC - General Contractor has proven time and again that the successful combination of good design and quality craftsmanship is best achieved by combining the two from the start. Your projects design and budget are developed together by the GC NYC - General Contractor team; it's called design-build and saves you time and money by putting your project into real terms, immediately. The details of the project are considered by someone who understands not only how to design but also how to plan and executed. With more than 30 years of experience working with architects, engineers, tradesmen and clients, GC NYC - General Contractor has developed a process that brings the hands on experience of a builder together with the imagination and design sense of architect. Our insurance, coverage, liability, and licenses are all at the highest possible industry standards. We do not need to sub out any work and that is our claim to fame.Keeping all the work in house means you will save money. We will provide you with the whole kitchen sink which includes everything from plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electricity and everything else a home needs down to the doors and locks. Our subsidiaries or wings are basically part of the company making our business plan one that does not include subs. This means we can handle any sized job you may have. Our clients include many top NYC businesses that you are likely familiar with. We would be more then happy to supply you with as many references you need upon request. Building a new home or planning a commercial project requires the patience, skill, & quality that you deserve. Call GC NYC - General contractor for a brief 5 minute consultation and discover why we are the right choice for you. In order to increase efficiency we have recently teamed up with http://www.newageglobalbuilders.com who primarily helps us zone out our services into the Queens and Long Island areas of NYC.

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